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Each March SETC hosts combined regional Professional Auditions where actors audition for professional work at summer and year round hiring theatres from across the nation. These auditions take place as part of the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) Annual Convention and are the most reliable and longest serving auditions of their kind.

Auditionee Qualification

To participate in these auditions, persons may apply either directly to SETC as a Professional who makes a significant amount of his or her income as an actor, or as an Emerging Artist.

Emerging Artists are those individuals who do not yet qualify as a working professional but are looking for the next step of their career in theatre. This group includes adults, students, and seniors. SETC & its member states provide opportunities for these persons to attend qualifying auditions in the fall prior to the spring auditions. Each state within SETC’s 10-State Region hosts SETC Professional Screening Auditions in the Fall in order to send the most qualified actors to participate in the regional SETC Spring Professional Auditions.

Actors enrolled in school at the time of the professional screenings who are enrolled beyond high school, whether or not they have earned a salary acting, are required to attend the professional screening auditions in the state assigned for the school where they attend. High School students are not eligible to participate in state screenings. Graduate students in their final semester of an MFA Theatre Performance program may be eligible to apply directly to SETC, provided they meet professional requirements, and should contact the SETC office well in advance of State Application.

Adults and non-students, attend the professional screening auditions in the state assigned according to the state in which they live.

About SETC

At SETC the casting needs of the various dinner theatre, stock & repertory companies, cruise ships, touring theatres, theme parks are so diverse that a wide-range of actors are needed to fill those needs. Adults who may have started on a career path on stage but did not continue that route are encouraged to audition and get back on that track. Community theatre actors with or without professional experience, as well as eager college students seeking that first out of school role, or this year’s summer employment are encouraged to audition.

During the Annual SETC Convention held the first week of March, there are approximately 90 professional hiring theatres. SETC requires that all pre-professional actors be screened on the state level before being accepted to these auditions.

The Southeastern Theatre Conference Screening Auditions will be moving online for the Fall of 2020. 

SETC hopes to achieve live Spring Professional Auditions & Theatre Job Fair in Memphis March 3-7, 2020.  More below!


  • ·         All Auditionees will submit together, an application and 60-second video audition.  Its recommended that application/uploads are not started until all info required is ready to be completed and uploaded.  A “one-sheet” will be distributed soon to help understand what will be required prior to logging in.  Check in at

  • ·         All Auditionees will be required to upload a 60-second video audition that is self-taped with phone or in-home equipment (no professional studio tapes and without the benefit of editing), and within these guidelines:
  •  Time limit is 60 seconds for all auditions and can include acting, singing, or both (in either order).

  • Please no slate.  Do not state your name or the piece you are performing.  Audition material only.

  •  The clock begins with the first word.  If your video is over the time limit, it will be disqualified.
  •  Please frame your body in the audition video from the knees up.

  •    Musical pieces should be accompanied by piano or keyboard only – either live or piano-only track.

  •    Required file format includes .MOV .AVI .MP4 .MKV (most phones use .MP4 format).

  • o   Please no commercial clips.

  • o   Audition file must be entitled “YOUR NAME 2020 for STATE or your STATE Assignment”.  If you are an out-of-region Auditionee, please check the SETC website for your State assignment.

Auditionees will be disqualified for going over time.  Videos must be 60 seconds or less.

Please follow the directions above very carefully!

  • ·         If Auditionees advance to the Spring Professional Auditions and live auditions are not possible as a whole or individually due to travel restrictions, the submitted screening video auditions will be passed on to all registered Professional Companies for an additional (TBD) fee paid by the Auditionee which will include virtual Convention access.   The live slot not filled will be replaced by one of the next highest scoring 200 Auditionees (see below).  There will be no alternates chosen by State. 

  • ·         If an Auditionee advances, re-submitted replacement video auditions will not be accepted.  The only exception to this would be if two or more Adjudicators recommend that the Auditionee advancing should change their piece.  SETC will work directly with that Auditionee to obtain a new video with the same guidelines to apply.

  • ·         Previous policies for Auditionees that require minimum age 18 at time of registration, no longer enrolled in high school, required references (contact info only, no e-mails), and “audition location assignment” remain in place.

  • ·         The screening fee will be $85.  Travel, lodging, and food are no longer necessary this year, making screening auditions more affordable than ever.  Need based grants will be offered.  Check in at


Registration Opens:  Monday, October 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM ET

Registration Closes:  Friday, November 6, 2020 at 12:00 PM Noon ET *

Auditionees Selected to Advance to Spring Professional Auditions Announced on Monday, November 30

Deadline for Selected Auditionees to Accept Slot/Register/Pay for Memphis:  Wednesday, December 18 at Noon ET

* All applications, videos, payment must be complete by this date.  Auditions will be accepted first come, first serve.  Early submission is important.  A cap may apply if submissions rise to a level beyond ability to manage or detrimental to percentages below.  Central Office Staff will monitor submissions and communicate with the SACs as we go along.

Please visit:

And watch this location for more updates. 

Post an Audition

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For information about the SETC Screening Auditions or to register, click here.


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