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About the Festival

Each year, KTA celebrates the best Community Theatre produced in the Commonwealth. At the annual KTA State Theatre Conference, community theatres from across Kentucky gather to showcase their production work in front of their peers and a panel of adjudicators, compete for awards, and take part in exciting workshops.

Participant Qualifications

  • Each participating community theatre must be an officially-organized community theatre for at least one year, having performed at least two productions.

  • Each participating community theatre must be a member of KTA and AACT.

Festival Rules

  • Entrants may enter a one-act or a cutting of a larger work. They may also enter an original work.
  • Time guidelines are: 10 minutes to set up stage; 60 minutes acting time; 10 minutes to strike. This is strictly timed.  Exceeding stated time limits shall be grounds for disqualification.
  • Entrants must present 4 copies of the script (no photocopies allowed, except in the case of original, unpublished works).
  • Entrants must show written proof of:
    1. permission to perform the play/musical
    2. permission to do the cutting (if needed)
    3. proof of royalties paid
    4. permission to perform any music not in public domain
    5. proof of royalties paid for any music not in public domain
    6. actor and company affidavits (proof of amateur status)
    7. all required “T” forms completed in AACT Basics Handbook

Please get us materials in a timely fashion, especially your scripts, which we need to get into the hands of the adjudicators to read before the festival.

KTA adheres to the guidelines of the American Association of Community Theatres (AACT).  The official site for the AACT rules and regulations is

Access the AACT Handbook

Technical Requirements 

  • All festival entrants must provide their own technical materials including, but not limited to, make-up, costumes, props, set pieces, and sound effects. Neither the host venue nor KTA shall provide any set pieces or props to any festival entrant.
  • It is recommended that technical requirements be minimal. Tech information, ground plan, and load-in information will be provided to each participating theatre.
  • All scenery, props, etc. must load in at the scheduled time and fit into a 10’x10’ square (“the box”) offstage. [Note:  Based on the venue space, “the box” size may be altered slightly, but will be consistent for all entrants.  Details to be provided.]
  • If technical equipment is needed for the performance, all festival entrants must use the technical equipment by the host theatre.
  • All festival entrants must use the host venue’s technicians to run technical equipment, including lights, sound, and fly system (if available). Participating theatres are encouraged to provide technicians and/or a stage manager to call the show or work with the house technicians.
  • A technical rider and ground plan of the host theatre will be provided to each registered festival entrant.
  • A closed tech rehearsal will be scheduled in the theatre facility for each competing theatre.
  • Any communication regarding production and/or technical elements must be directed to the KTA Community Theatre Festival Chair(s) at least two week prior to the festival.

Time Limits 

  • A festival entrant may occupy the designated make-up/dressing area during a time appropriated by the Festival Chair preceding the performance.
  • Time guidelines:  10 minutes to set up stage; 60 minutes acting time; 10 minutes strike.  This will be strictly timed.  Exceeding stated limits shall be grounds for disqualification.


  • The plays will be judged on an objective basis by a panel of adjudicators who represent professional, educational, and community theatre.
  • Adjudicators shall provide brief oral critiques to each participating theatre immediately following the strike of each group.
  • In the tabulation session, adjudicators will confer to determine the outstanding production(s), and other merited awards.
  • For up to 3 entrants in the festival, one production shall be chosen to advance to the Regional festival round. If 4 or more theatres are competing, two productions shall be selected to advance.
  • All festival entrants agree the decisions of the adjudicators, the Festival officials and/or KTA Board are final.

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