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Conference Call

11/10/2019 1:00 PM | Anonymous

Kentucky Theatre Association

Board of Directors Conference Call

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Present (on the phone):  Dawn C., Brad D., Cathy G., Alana G., Kameron G., Rowen H., Wayne K., Jeremy K., Todd R., Zackary R., Shelby S., Kim W.

Absent:  Sarah B., Cheryl B., Ariadne C., Tamera I., Jane M., Phil N., Brittany S., Tracy W.

The meeting was called to order at 1:01 p.m., by President Brad Downall.  Introductions were made by all joining in on the phone call.

The minutes of the September 14, 2019, meeting had been sent out to Board members previously.  A few items had changed since the meeting, but there were no additions or corrections to the minutes.  Kim moved, and Alana seconded, to approve the minutes.  The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeremy did not have a formal report; one will be presented at the next meeting.  The usual expenses and incomes had occurred since the last meeting.

State Conference plans:

  • H.S. Festival – NW Regional had to be moved to Atherton H.S., due to the number of shows.  Central Regional had a scoring error and has been handled.  North Regional only had 2 adjudicators – work to avoid this in the future.  All schools advancing to State have been contacted for time scheduling.  At State, there will be 2 workshops on Friday, followed by pizza party/activity mixer.
  • C.T.  – Five theatres have registered to compete.  One will perform on Friday evening; two on Saturday morning; and two on Saturday afternoon.
  • Roots/Bluegrass – The readings have been moved to the Playhouse.  There will be 3 ten-minute shows and 3 cuttings from full-length shows.  Someone will double-check with Ari about the directors and casts.
  • Screening Auditions – Nearly 250 have signed up this year.  Check for the registration fees should be coming in soon.
  • Volunteers – Brad and Jeremy will send out a sign-up sheet for Board members to volunteer for jobs to help with the Conference.
  • Hotel – Hilton Garden Inn – Information needs to be sent to the C.T. participants as soon as possible.

Award Nominations:

Amy Attaway has been nominated for the Kathi Ellis Award.  Clear Creek Creative has been nominated for the Karen Willis Award.  Information on the nominees will be emailed to Board members who are asked to reply to Brad with a “yea” or “nay” vote.

Nominations Committee Report:

Many current Board members have indicated a willingness to continue.  A slate will be compiled by the committee and sent out to the Board prior to the meeting at the Conference.

Benefit Committee Report Discussion:

A report was sent out previously for perusal.  Most H.S. members were happy with current status; other groups were not so much.  Facebook does not seem to be the best way to communicate to all members; emails are preferred.  Division heads should be responsible for driving programs/activities in their areas.  Lifetime member option needs to be discussed further, as well as a possible increase in the membership dues (possibly $5.00 more).  Look at offering more P.D. workshops, and more often at more locations.  Add a repository on the website for lesson plans, plays by KY playwrights, play resources, college guidebook, etc.  Broadway licensing & Playscripts offering discounts, in return for publicity &/or ads.

Several items can be set up and started right away.  [Event calendar is already running on the website.]  Other items may need additional discussion and setup time.  The committee will provide a recommended timeline for implementation and will send this to Board members prior to the meeting at Conference.

Old & New Business – None

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 2:06 p.m.  The next meeting will be during the State Conference, at the Univ. of Louisville.  Specific location and time will be forwarded when determined.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Kirsch, KTA Secretary

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