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Each year, KTA celebrates the best Community Theatre produced in the state. At the annual KTA State Theatre Conference, Community Theatres from across Kentucky gather to showcase their production work in front of their peers and a panel of adjudicators, compete for awards, take part in the exciting workshops, and participate in the SETC screening auditions.





  • Each participating community theatre must be an officially organized community theatre for at least one year, having performed at least two productions.
  • Each participating community theatre must be a member of KTA and AACT.
  • Entrants may enter a one-act or a cutting of a larger work. They may also enter original works.
  • Time guidelines are: 10 minutes to set up stage, 60 minutes acting time, 10 minutes strike. This is strictly timed.
  • Entrants must present 4 copies of the script (no photocopies allowed)
  • Entrants must show written proof of:

    1. permission to perform the play/musical
    2. permission to do the cutting (if needed)
    3. proof of royalties paid
    4. permission to perform any music not in public domain
    5. proof of royalties paid for any music not in public domain
    6. actor and company affidavits (proof of amateur status)
    7. all required “T” forms completed in AACT Basics Handbook

Please get us materials in a timely fashion. Especially your scripts, which we need to get into the hands of adjudicators to read before the festival.

KTA adheres to the guidelines of the American Association of Community Theatre Festival (AACT). The official site for American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) rules and regulations is

Download AACT Handbook